Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Works for me Wednesday--Free Movie Rentals

Growing up, I hated going to the library.

Handling dirty, filthy, who-knows-what-has-touched-these books that were USED, of all things!

I do not like used books.

Uhn-uh. No way.

I prefer to buy my books brand-spankin' new, thank you very much.

Fortunately, this completely insane, OCD-ishness mental barrier of mine has passed enough since my pocketbook can't support my book-buying habit anymore, I have finally learned to appreciate my local library system.

Why, oh why couldn't I have appreciated the library system in Seattle? They have a great lending library in Seattle.


Anyway, besides all the great books I can now read for free, I can also get free movie rentals.

That's right: free. FREE!!!

What's better than free?

Sure, I may have to wait awhile to get the movie I want (I've been waiting for the Bourne Identity since August! There's only one copy in the entire system, and I still have to wait through 5 more people, though. Hopefully I'll get it in time for the final movie to be out on video.), but it's FREE!!!

I think it's worth it.

I just request several movies at one time, they usually come staggering in one or two at a time, and I get them for 10 days, FREE OF CHARGE!

As an added bonus, I don't even have to step foot in my library at all. My library system is so spread out that they'll even ship my books, movies, music, whatever, to my house for FREE. Return postage is FREE, as well.

Your library system may not be as great as mine about shipping, but you've probably got a way better selection than my system of small-town libraries piggy-backing on one larger town's library.

And it's FREE, shipping or no shipping.

Is that great, or what?

Hey, it works for me!

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  1. Your library rocks! Ours has just now joined the world of online catalogs!

  2. Wow! Maybe I'd send them back on time if ours did that....probably not.

  3. I'm so jealous...I'd love a good library.

  4. Oh, I'm jealous. I can reserve books online but have to go pick them up.

    And why is it that libraries can have used books and not stink, but the used book stores stink to high heaven?

  5. I tried to post a comment last night but it didn't work. Blogger was giving me trouble (the nerve).

    We LOVE our library! I'm constantly amazed at how the wonderful librarians will pull my HUGE collection of online reserved books and put them on a shelf for me. They do all the work and I get all the fun.

    Thanks for stopping by the blog! Love hearing from you. :)

    Duckabush Blog


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