Monday, November 26, 2007

The Hose


noun (plural hos·es)

flexible tube: a flexible tube or pipe, often made of rubber or plastic, through which fluids such as water or gasoline can flow

Cinderella was playing with play-doh this morning while I put Sleeping down for a nap. I came out of the nursery, and, of course, Cinderella wanted me to play with her.

So, being the great mom that I am, I did.

I know. I know. Hold your applause, please.

I didn't play with her for very long, however; I played play-doh until Cinderella started making this really long chain out of small play-doh snakes.

Well, I had assumed is was just as innocent as a chain.

Oh no. She quickly informed me that, no, it wasn't a chain of snakes; it was a hose. A really long hose.

After that, I was done; I just couldn't play play-doh with her anymore.

I was trying too hard not to laugh.

You see, "hose" in our house has a slightly twisted meaning from the traditional sense of the word.

After Cinderella began walking, she loved to follow Prince Charming all over the house. ALL over the house.

Including into the bathroom.

One day, Cinderella decided to check out that fascinating, constant plunking noise that her daddy was making in the bathroom.

Oh! What a noise! To her little one-year-old mind, that noise was the most fascinating sound she had ever heard!

When she peeped her head around the door, she was rewarded by the most spectacular sight: water cascading into a huge, white bowl! Glinting in the light! Making that wonderful sound! And coming from Daddy!

Being the curious toddler that she was, Cinderella just had to go check out this wonderful streaming water for herself.

So she did.

She stuck her little head right between her daddy's legs to see where the water was coming from.

Prince Charming, of course, completely freaked out and tried to leap out of the way, all while stopping the water flow on a dime and yelled, "Cinderella! What are you doing?"

Ignoring his question, Cinderella pointed to Prince Charming's exposed midsection as he was hastily repacking and asked, "What's that, Daddy?"

Sputtering and faltering, Prince Charming finally spat out, "It's my hose!"

And thus a new definition of "hose" was born.

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  1. Stinkin' HA-LARIOUS! I can't wait for new definitions like that to appear around our house!

    And sadly, all our snow is melting too. I was so excited last night...


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