Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday--Backwards Day

Christmas is approaching way too fast this year. How do I know? I have been inundated lately with requests for Christmas lists for Prince Charming, myself, and the two girls.

Prince Charming is easy: he likes clothes. And shoes.

I'm easy: I like kitchen stuff. And clothes. And shoes. And handbags.

Cinderella is easy: as the oldest child, she needs everything.

Sleeping Beauty? She's impossible.

Since she is only 6 months old and the younger of two girls 3 years apart, there is nothing she needs. Absolutely nothing.

Her hand-me-down clothes are all in good shape; we have way too many toys as it is.

That's it. What else does a baby need?

So, my question for everyone is this: what do you get a baby who needs nothing? Any suggestions?

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  1. Is there a bigger gift you or others could splurge on for the both of them?

    Nova natural (http://www.novanatural.com) has a very cool indoor/outdoor wooden frame that can be a playhouse, tent, or anything the children imagine. They sell it with some silks to lay on the top and clips to hold them there.

    What about a wooden play kitchen? Or trampoline? Or board games?

    What about just some simply unique toys? www.oompa.com has some beautiful and different things, many of which are made in Europe.

  2. I guess I am not the best one to ask this for, because I told hubby we weren't buying baby anything (she will be 7 months), to which he threw a fit and told me indeed we would be.

    We are really big on car seat safety, i.e. don't buy a used car seat unless you know it hasn't been in a wreck, we have seen first hand the effects of what could happen so we try to stress that OFTEN to everyone we know. We requested that the family get us gift cards to Babies R Us or Target so that we put that money towards getting her a Britax, a seat that will last her until she no longer needs one.

    I wish I could be of more help!

  3. The nice thing about babies is that they don't realize how much you do or don't give them. How about some new books or puzzles and a zoo membership for your family or Chuck E Cheese tokens to fill a stocking. New food for a play kitchen. An electronic book. One with music. I actually got my baby a Little Touch Leappad and several books and she LOVES them. A new series of books like my first Little House books.

  4. coming from the baby of a family who lived off of hand me downs and used toys.. get her some new stuff. I know she has clothes and toys like you said, but they've all been used.
    Now used stuff is great, but growing up I really wanted cloths that hadn't been worn by my older sisters, cousins, or people from church.
    I felt that way about the toys too. You might want to ask her what she wants, maybe there is a new toy or something out that she has been eying up. Sure, the last thing you need in your house is more toys, but I'm sure she'd like something new.

  5. I have to agree with Jes, I was the youngest of three girls and often "craved" something new to call my very own.

  6. Start a savings account! Then let her play with the paper and ribbon and boxes...that's what they like best anyway.

  7. I'm going to echo the suggestions to indulge in some new things for the baby. I have two girls only one year apart, so the second one wears hand-me-downs all the time. She goes along with it pretty well, but I know she likes having her own things. So, I tell the gift-givers in our life what she likes and her sizes and let them go wild. If you have too many clothes and toys, you can give some away to make room for the new stuff. Really, Christmas and birthdays are special times, and if you are not buying the gifts, I think it is fine for her to get stuff she wants, not necessarily needs. Isn't that what gift-giving is all about?

  8. Membership for a Children's Museum or Gymboree or The Little Gym (or something like that)?

    I'm with you on babies not needing gifts. We're just putting out gifts that our older kids got and we've never even opened! I think we have a leapfrog learning table and a leapfrog play gym thingy!!

    I bought the babes some new books and a stuffed animal for their stockings, but that's about it!

  9. At 6 months, I would hold back. She probably will like the wrapping paper better anyway!

    When she is older, give her some of her own, brand new things. But right now, don't sweat it. Our babies usually don't get much at Christmas (my youngest right now is 6 months) because they have enough toys, and other things if we need for baby we just go ahead an buy (like swing, walker, booster seat). We don't make him *wait* for his birthday!

    Make some memories that you can share later when she is older. Take pictures of her helping frost Christmas cookies, make her a stocking she can use every year, give her a Baby's 1st ornament. A baby NEEDS love and you can get some tangible tokens of how much she was loved her First Christmas!

  10. A college savings fund! Or books. There are always great kids' books that the older one didn't get.

  11. Diapers!

    Diapers& books are my top picks.

  12. Baby Einstein DVD, family membership to a children's museum, buy a stock in her name to start a savings account, Smile Savers Sears portrait membership, gift certificate for a Mom's Day Out, new shoes in sizes 2,3,&4; hair accessories (cute ones!); big sister and little sister matching dresses

  13. Music and books are always good. I bought my daughter a charm bracelet for her first birthday, and every year we buy her a new charm. She can actually wear it until it fits though, probably when she's a teenager.

  14. When my nieces were babies, I bought them books. The kind where there name is written into the story.

    I get each of my nieces/nephews a Christmas ornament.

    Special things like a fancy doll, heirloom type blanket or photo albumn have been given to babies in our family.

  15. My youngest will be 9 months and with 5 older siblings she is want for nothing! She is only getting a few items and they are a Packers shirt, a book just for her and 1 toy. That is all she needs. We have really simplified Christmas for our whole family and are concentrating on what really matters. God, family, fellowship and food!

  16. My son will be 6 months on christmas, I will probably get him a few little toys and books. but also I will get a few things he can play with within a few months after christmas....

  17. I randomly came across this post, I don't always look at WFMW posts, only a few ocassionally. So, I felt compelled to reply when I stumbled upon this! I am a full time missionary and my mom runs a non-profit business to support our missionary work. Guess what she sells...baby stuff! My son (he's 18 mos now) is absolutely obsessed with his blankees, pillow, and more from Little Bits (and his Nanee). So, even if it's not from Little Bits, I suggest something special, cuddly, soft and monogrammed just for her.

    in case you want to take a peek!

    God Bless,

  18. Thank you to everyone for your suggestions! You all have given me something to think about.

  19. i like the heirloom idea. Get her a collectible baby plate/spoon set or a monogrammed blanket that she can have for a momento when she's grown up?

  20. My kids didn't really start getting Christmas gifts until they were 2. This might sound mean- but they never really realized it and we were able to use the money to buy gifts for kids that really needed them.


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