Thursday, November 8, 2007


We have been back from Texas for almost a week now. Cinderella still has not slept past 7:00. She gets grumpy and argumentative around 10:00 because of it.

I get grumpy and argumentative around 10:10 because of it.


Sleeping Beauty started rice cereal Sunday night. I mixed it with water (the breast pump wouldn't work). She was so excited to try real food, and was so disenchanted with her first bite.

Poor thing!

Not that I blame her; rice cereal is nasty stuff!

Fortunately, every night since then has been better. I now mix a little bit of squash in with her cereal. She LOVES it!

Sunday night she slept terribly! Up every 3 hours, it took her an hour to get back to sleep each time.

I wasn't sure if it was the cereal or the spicy spaghetti sauce I'd eaten for dinner.

It was the spaghetti sauce.

The past two nights, Sleeping Beauty has slept in until 5:30.

Woo hoo! Yay to a full tummy at last!

Now this I can adjust to.


Since Sleeping Beauty has slept through the night, I have woken up more tired than usual.

My body aches from lying in bed for so long.

My head aches from getting so much extended sleep, and wanting even more.

It is taking me a long time to fully wake up once Cinderella comes in.


Poor Prince Charming had to go back to work on Monday. He usually sets his alarm for 5:45, and gets up with 10 minutes of it going off.

This week, I don't think he's been up before 6:15.

He doesn't usually see the girls before he leaves, since they used to be still asleep.

Not so this week.

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