Friday, November 28, 2008

Birth Announcement

Announcing the arrival of the Little Prince!

Born November 26, 2008,

at 11:02 pm,

measuring 20 1/2 inches,

and weighing a whopping 10 pounds, 11.3 ounces.

My royal court is complete.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wordless Wednesday--A 4 1/2 Year Old + Photo Booth

Question: What do you get when you let your 4 1/2 year old play around with Photo Booth?

Answer #1:

Answer #2:

Answer #3:

For more photos, visit 5 Minutes for Mom.

My Thanksgiving Turkey

My little turkey of a baby boy is still refusing to come out on his own. So, he's being induced tomorrow morning at 7:00.

I have actually avoided thinking about the induction as much as possible today. My mind is so clearly focused on everything I need to complete before then.

There are laundry, bills, meals, schedules, packing, planning, activities, etc. My mother-in-law is still here, so she'll actually be in charge of most of this, but I still had to lay it all out.

Or, wanted to lay it out. I'm kind of a control-freak in that way. I feel better knowing I've figured everything out for the girls while I'm in the hospital, and now I just have to hope it all gets followed.

It won't, but I'm prepared for that, too.

I'm not entirely ready for an induced labor. My compromise, however, looked something like this: induce this week, or induce next week.

I'd rather induce this week.

Thanksgiving dinner at the hospital! Yummy! While the rest of my family enjoys Thanksgiving dinner at my house!

Fun times.

Oh, yes. My mother-in-law is cooking Thanksgiving dinner at my house this year.

It's actually very sweet of her. My parents and my in-laws will be in town, so it makes sense for them to celebrate together. Besides, they like each other.

This will be the first time in 5 years that I have not cooked Thanksgiving. I'm actually disappointed. I really like my Thanksgiving menu. I've actually found a stuffing recipe that I'll eat.

I don't like stuffing, usually.

Or pumpkin pie. Blech!

Pecan pie, however...That's good stuff!

So, there's your update. My Thanksgiving turkey is coming out of the oven tomorrow, if everything goes well.

Please pray it goes well!

Friday, November 21, 2008

This Really Is the Sweetest Thing

Nope. Still no baby, in case you were wondering.


I will admit that at times I like telling people what to do. I'm bossy by nature (first born habit), but it's usually within boundaries. This is probably outside of the boundaries (they're loosely set), but you HAVE to check this out. It really is the sweetest thing.

I submitted one. Will you?

Monday, November 17, 2008

(Almost) 12 O'clock, and All Is Well

It's almost midnight here, and I'm still awake. I'm exhausted, drained, drooping, but awake.

It's probably the slice of chocolate pie I ate for dessert.

Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

Three days until my due date, and still no baby.

He's dropped, I'm huge, no contractions, but plenty of intermittent pressure.

We have enough stuff to get us going, though it's not as much as I'd like to have.

My mother-in-law is here to relieve me from my parenting duties help.

The diaper bag is packed. My stuff is ready, though not packed.

My parents and father-in-law are ready, but not packed.

My mother-in-law was packed for over a week. She's definitely ready.

I keep remembering Sleeping Beauty's birth. As much as I'm looking forward to seeing this new little one (and not being pregnant anymore), I'm not looking forward to the hospital stay.

Although, the hospital food here isn't bad. And I don't have to cook it.

I'm not looking forward to the first few days of nursing. Or the first few nights of nursing, either.

Cinderella needs to work on her attitude. Sleeping Beauty is teething again.

But, it's almost 12 o'clock, and all is well.

It really, truly is.

And I am blessed.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Have you heard? Christmas is coming!

Normally, I wouldn't have anything to do with Christmas until after Thanksgiving, but with the baby due in 9 days, I've had to reassess my convictions.

In fact, I'm done with my Christmas shopping. (*blushing from embarrassment*)

Now that I've confessed, let's move on, shall we?

The fabulous twins at 5 Minutes for Mom are hosting their annual Christmas Giveaway during the month of November.

Christmas Giveaway Sleigh 240x240

They have tons of giveaways lined up, so go check them out! Click the sleigh up above to see a list of current giveaways, but make sure you check back every day.

Good luck!

Monday, November 10, 2008

International Babywearing Week

It's International Babywearing Week. There's a wonderful giveaway going on over at Adventures in Babywearing to celebrate. The prize? A brand new sling from Nonny and Boo! Who couldn't use a new sling? I could. I like variety.


I'm ashamed to admit that I didn't wear Sleeping Beauty nearly as often as I did Cinderella. The Little Prince, however, will be worn all the time. It'll be a necessity with 3 kids in the house, the two youngest being only 18 months apart.

On Grandma and Grandpa's boat, snuggled up with momma.

Sadly, this is the only picture I can find of wearing Sleeping Beauty. I remember wearing her on many other occasions, but I tend to be the "photographer" in this family.

In Texas, snuggled up with daddy.

I do, however, have a picture of Prince Charming wearing Sleeping Beauty. He is wearing her, I swear! See! You can just see her little leg sticking out.

I do have some darling pictures of Cinderella in the sling, somewhere. I'm too pregnant to go find the CD's, though. My favorite one is of my mom and I walking on the beach together, and Cinderella is comfy cozy in the kangaroo hold. I'm not sure how she ever managed that hold; her feet inevitably ended up by her face. It was her favorite position, though. Sleeping Beauty? Not so much.

If you'd like to celebrate International Babywearing Week with me, head on over to Adventures in Babywearing. There are already quite a few links up filled with tips and pictures. Go check it out!

Friday, November 7, 2008

T-Minus 14 Days

...and counting.

Always counting

I'm still not mentally ready to have this baby. I keep remembering Sleeping Beauty's birth, and I start to feel overwhelmed with everything that's about to happen to me again.

The due date hasn't changed, but the doctor says I'm measuring 39 weeks this week. He's expecting me to go into labor next week.

I'm really not prepared for that.

I'm not too worried, though; both of the girls came within days of their due dates: Cinderella was 3 days early, and Sleeping Beauty was 2 days late.

I'm not ready for early; my parents can't do late.

I'm hoping this one will be as "on time" as possible.

As much as I hope that, though, I know the timing isn't up to me. It's really the only comforting thought I have as far as the timing goes. It's in better hands than mine.

I went into labor with the girls in the exact same manner, almost down to the hour, actually. I keep watching for the one definite sign I've experienced that lets me know labor is imminent. Of course, I know each labor and birth is unique.

Still, I watch, and I wait, and I hope, and I pray.

If you want better updates than I've been posting here (I've been terrible lately, I know), join me on Facebook.

Unless you're related to me. Then I'll just call you. I promise I'll call you as soon as possible.