Wednesday, May 26, 2010

By Halves

Today, M is 18 months-old.

(I know! Where did the time go?!?)

Which means:

M is 1 1/2 years-old,

C is 3 years-old,

and E is 6 years-old.

My kids' ages are half of their older sibling's.

I'm such a math nerd! I think this is really cool. And this is the only time in their entire lives that this will ever happen.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Birth Story

Three years ago, C was born.

I went into labor early Saturday morning, the day before Mother's Day.
We called our parents to let them know, but told them not to hurry. E took over 24 hours, so we assumed C would, too.

We had a lazy Saturday. I showered, dressed, and we went out to lunch. I waited in the cafe, laboring, for our sandwiches, then we went home.

Some Jehovah's Witnesses stopped by, and Mr. Einstein let them in. (I know! What was he thinking?!?) They chatted for about an hour, while I labored in the nursery, putting some freshly washed baby clothes away and entertaining E.

(It's funny now, but at the time, I was not pleased. At all.)

E went down for her nap, and I lay down on the bed to rest; but, instead, I decided to time my contractions.
It was time.

We called our parents to see where they were, and dropped E off at the sitters until one set or the other of grandparents got to town.

Mr. Einstein and I headed to the hospital.

After we arrived, we discovered I was further along than I had thought, and, consequently, C would be here sooner than we thought. That night, in fact, and not the next morning, like her sister.

I labored some more and got an epidural. My doctor came in eating popcorn, and I really wanted some. He wouldn't give me any.

All the grandparents finally made it into town. My parents and sister decided to go out to dinner. They had just finished up when Mr. Einstein called them and told them it was time.

They almost missed everything, it was so fast.

I pushed a few times, and within fifteen minutes, there was C, all 8+ pounds of her.

She was beautiful, of course. She took to nursing with such ease.

She was slightly jaundiced, but she never needed to go under the lights. I just stripped her down to her diaper and nursed her in the sunny windows of our house.

Today, C is three.

She's my big girl, my middle child. She is both a younger sister and an older sister.

She is funny, and sweet, and kind. She loves to share and play and cuddle. She refuses to potty train (sigh), but she'll get there.

She loves sausage, and baked beans, and watermelon. She loves to dress up, and watch movies, and color. She loves pigs.

She is my joy.

Happy Birthday, darling C!
I love you very, very much.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


This is C.

10 months and 11 days before this photo was taken, she born two hours before Mother's Day.

4 days before this photo, we had just found out M was on his way (unexpectedly, unplanned *ahem*).

Poor thing didn't even realize we were about to force middle child-dom on her.

But, that's what motherhood is all about: taking the unexpected, the unplanned, and going with the flow. Making number 2 of 2 comfortable in her new position as 2 of 3. Making number 3 feel just as loved, just as wanted, just as expected as both 1 and 2.

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