Monday, November 5, 2007

A Tough Day to Be a Mom

We are officially back from our week-long visit to the Lord and Lady of Texas (aka my brother- and sister-in-law). We had a wonderful time visiting with them, though we didn't see many sights.

Friday morning, however, was not so wonderful.

The only direct flight to Seattle left at 8:05 am.

We were staying an hour away from the airport.

Let's do the math: 8:05 am flight, minus 2 hours to go through security and wait at the airport, minus an hour drive to the airport, minus an hour to get ready in the morning.

Everyone have an answer? Yup. We were up and moving at 4:00 am!!!!!

Everyone was up: my in-laws, my Lord and Lady, Prince Charming, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty.

Oh. And me.

Definitely not the Queen.

Queens do not get up at 4:00 am to catch a plane!

Nor do their children.

Seeing as it was the only direct flight available, though, I can't complain too much. It would have been worse with a layover.

4 hours on a plane was enough, without all the extra waiting in an airport a layover would have added.

Anyway, with the time change from Texas to Washington, we arrived at the airport by about 10:30 am, gaining two hours!


Unfortunately, the girls were still on Texas time.

Add to our extra two hours the end of Daylight Savings, and I've got two very grumpy, very confused girls on my hands today.

Cinderella was up at 5:30 this morning, though I made her go back to bed. She was officially up at 6:45.

Sleeping Beauty was officially up at 6:30. She has already taken what she considers her morning nap, though it wasn't nearly long enough for my sanity.

In another hour I fully expect both girls to just lose it.


I'm counting down the days until they adjust permanently.

It can't be much longer, can it?

I need a nap...


  1. Welcome back. Sanity will return in a few days. Our boys are always fouled up with time changes and by the time everyone's back to normal I'm just exhausted. Hang in there.

    And tag, you're it. See my blog for details.

  2. See, that's why I try and get my mom to come here so we can avoid that whole Texas/WA time change & travel hassle stuff. It is a drag! And I don't really want to vacation in Texas! BTDT (first 25 years of life!)!


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