Tuesday, November 13, 2007


We were having a nice, quiet, family dinner one Sunday night, when all of a sudden, Prince Charming's flatulence kicks in. As I glare at him in a disgusted, accusatory manner, He says, "Cinderella!"

Cinderella looks over at her daddy and says, indignantly, "I DIDN'T!!!" Then she looks over at me and says, "Did I, Mommy?"

We were eating lasagna for dinner another night. Cinderella was halfway through her serving when she looks down at her fork and sees a piece of cottage cheese. She looks up, confused, and asks, "Is this bird poop?"

Prince Charming says, sarcastically, "Yeah, Cinderella, we served you bird poop.

Cinderella responds, in all seriousness, "That's not appropriate, Daddy."

I walked into Cinderella's room one morning to open her shade and make sure she changed her underwear. This is the conversation I had with her:

Me: Your room stinkies!

Cinderella (without even the slightest hint of a pause): Oh. That's because I farted in my bed last night.

Cinderella is convinced she wants to be a teacher when she grows up, just like her daddy. This is what she told Prince Charming about her future job:

"When I get bigger, I'm going to have my own classroom, and you're going to have your classroom. In my classroom there will be beds and then the kids will eat lunch and I'll tell them, 'Eat your food! Eat three more bites.' After they eat I'll tell them, 'Time for a rest!'"

While I was down changing Sleeping Beauty's diaper one evening, this is the conversation I heard between Prince Charming and Cinderella:

Cinderella: Chase me, Daddy!

Prince Charming (feigning deafness): What? I can't hear you.

Cinderella: Chase me, Daddy! Chase me and tickle me!

Prince Charming (feigning deafness again): What? I still can't hear you.

Cinderella (getting impatient): Daddy! Chase me! Mommy said so! You have to do what Mommy says, remember?

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  1. These are hysterical quotes! You will always be glad you wrote them down to remember. The years fly by way too fast. I think I could never possibly forget all the silly/sweet things the kids say and then I DO.

    Good for you for taking time to blog them. :)

    Duckabush Blog


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