Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What Goes Around Comes Around

Back in March I was making fun of Prince Charming because he had jury duty.

In fact, I couldn't stop laughing that he actually got chosen to be on a jury.

Well, guess what happened to me this morning...


  1. Were you chosen? Oh my goodness, what are the odds!!

  2. ha ha ha ha ha! that's what you get, right? :)
    I hope it's a short one... oh, and you never did tell me what the other trial was for.

    my hubs keeps getting jury duty, but it doesn't work out real well when you are teaching kids who are behind and subs don't do anything for them. so he tries to remember to send in his reply card... and we have adventures when he's supposed to show up and then calls in to the courthouse saying he can't!

    and he's scheduled again right in the middle of summer school...

  3. Do you think they'll let you off if you continue to have queasiness? Is that a legitimate excuse???

  4. Karma is as karma does. I'd make fun of you but then I'd get called yet again for jury duty. I've done my service, thank you very much. Called 3 times in 1 year was more than enough for me =) At least it can be interesting.

  5. I was summonsed to jury duty for this coming Monday, but checked the box that says "I am the sole provider of someone else UNPAID" (or whatever it says...

    I did go once when I was 38 weeks pregnant with my first kid...Every time I moved around in my chair all the other jurors would ask me if I was alright. :)

  6. Well, I think it's something more than just being chosen... Maybe I'm thinking too hard. If it is jury duty, just take a nice book, maybe a small blanket (or wrap), and I crossword puzzle or something. Just seeing the other people will be amusing enough and will allow the day to go by quicker.


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