Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Back from...Wherever

I'm baaaack!

Did you miss me?

Don't answer that...

A few weeks ago we were having some internet troubs. For 7 days we had no internet access. No blogging, no Goggle reader, no email, no news, and *shudder* no weather report.

Nothing. Nothing at all.

On day 5 (days 3 and 4 were the weekend) I finally called my internet provider to get the low down on why I had no internet access. I was told work crews were in the area updating and replacing equipment and they would be done the next day.

Okay. I bought that. It explained the work crews I was seeing in the neighborhood. It also explained why I couldn't piggyback onto my neighbor's networks. Not that I'd ever actually do that... Okay, so I've tried several times, but they're all password protected.

Anyway, day 6 came and went, and still no access. I told myself to wait one more day, just in case everything wasn't finished in 2 days. It wouldn't be the first time our provider had underestimated the time needed to fix/replace things.


Prince Charming finally took matters into his own hands. He called our internet provider and they told us to contact the manufacturer of our wireless router, just in case there was a problem on that end. So, before calling, Prince Charming decided to take a closer look at the router.

That's when he noticed it: the little warning light all lit up, nice and pretty.

Our router was finished. And, of course, not under warranty anymore.

(In all fairness to myself, the warning light doesn't look like a warning light. It's the same color as the other lights and is buried amongst the other lights.)

So, a few more days went by as we decided what to do about replacing it. In the meantime, we moved our desktop onto the floor in our bedroom so we could hook it up to the modem via the ethernet cable.

Let me tell you: sitting on your bottom on the floor in your bedroom is not the most comfortable position to begin with. Now, add a 3-4 month pregnant body into the equation and you will understand why I haven't been posting or commenting much lately.

Not good times.

A few days ago, and $300 later, we finally got our replacement wireless router. We didn't go with just any router. Oh no. That would be too easy. We got Apple's Time Capsule, which Prince Charming has been drooling over for months. It's an external hard drive plus wireless router, all in one. And, if you have Leopard, it automatically backs up everything.

We don't have Leopard. Yet.

That's next on our list.


  1. I had a similar embarrassing moment the other day. My internet goes out all the time, like up to 50 times day , and I'm not exaggerating. Usually it will come back on after a minute or two. If it doesn't we have to re-cycle the modem.

    So that happened, and when I plugged the modem back in, the only light that came on with the little orange one at the bottom. Usually the top two green ones come on too, even if there's no connection. I thought something mus be really wrong. I played with the wirings and jiggled the connections and unpugged and replugged everything, still nothing.

    Luckily the electrician just happened to be here replacing an outlet and I asked him to look at it. He figured out in about two seconds that I had accidentally pushed the "standby" button at some point. Boy did I feel dumb!

  2. Welcome back! And I love the baby ticker on your sidebar.

  3. There's nothing like losing your net service for days to throw you back into the stone age and do crazy things like read a book or bake cookies. Not that I'm speaking from experience. heh.

    My internet was up and down at least half a day and finally ALL day for 3 weeks! It was funny how I'd cram my net time in in a matter of 1 hour a night it was up.

    And now that school is out, I'm having to share my time with two computer literate boys with only one 'pooter in the house.


    Will I ever get caught up on my reader?


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