Thursday, June 12, 2008

Backyard Construction

You are all way too smart!

Yes, indeed, there is a school being built in my backyard. An elementary school, to be precise. And it is supposed to open (fingers crossed) in time for Cinderella to begin Kindergarten.

AND Prince Charming has (finally) said he's willing to teach there, if the new principal will hire him.


Can you imagine walking half a block to get to work every day? I can't, but Prince Charming will be able to, assuming he can get the job.

The worst part about this whole thing is that, except for my neighbors to the north, there are no houses between us and the school. There is only a big, empty, tumbleweed-filled lot behind us. Fortunately, we have a good, solid fence.

Today, we have two diggers working. I can't see that much is being done, though. They're mostly just moving dirt around and finding rocks.

Here's the water truck. This poor driver. All he does all day is drive back and forth, back and forth, spraying water on the dirt so the dust doesn't fly everywhere.

Look at that pile of rocks! That's nothing, compared to the pile they had a few days ago.

Here's the rest of the equipment. You can see the corner of my property and the highly effective, three-foot-high construction fence. This is not all good, people; not all good.


  1. When we lived in ML, my husband put in an underground sprinkler system. Some of the boulders he found buried were so big, he had to hook up a tow strap to his truck and pull them out... and on the last one, the tow strap actually broke! That's just one of the joys of living there, I guess. :)

    (And where's the other Starbucks? I only know about the one next to I-90.)

  2. We across the street from an elementary school. Except for event nights and recess noise, it's been okay. And the Kid will walk across that street to school in September!!

  3. The other Starbucks is up by Walmart, in a newer strip mall off of Hwy 17.


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