Monday, June 9, 2008

Front to Back

There are exciting things springing up in both my front yard and my backyard.

These are from my front yard:

They smell heavenly!

This is going on in my backyard:

Any guesses as to what's going on? Here's a hint: I live in a strictly residential neighborhood, but this has nothing to do with housing.

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller...


  1. Are you getting a new school in your back yard???

  2. Yeah, I would have to guess a school too. Nice roses!!!

  3. Gorgeous flowers!! Love them. Just beautiful.

    I'm so curious about your new construction. I guess school is the only answer although I always favor a new Starbucks going up near my house. ha!

  4. There's no way little old ML is getting big enough for two Starbucks... I'm sticking with my original idea of a school. Wouldn't that be nice for the girls to be able to just cross the backyard to walk there?

  5. Actually, we do have two Starbucks. Three, if you count the one in Safeway.

  6. Well, what are they putting there?


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