Thursday, June 5, 2008

I Thought Getting Older Meant Growing Up

Yesterday, I got a zit. On my lip.

How does one get a zit on one's lip? For that matter, how does one get rid of a zit on one's lip? It hurts like the dickens! I can't even apply chapstick without causing myself pain.

This sucks!

I don't remember suffering from acne as a high schooler. Maybe it was because puberty hit me really late. Maybe I was just too busy to notice, but I don't remember it being a plague. Or a social detriment.

Not that I was very social in high school.

In college, my skin started to get a bit more oily, but I think it was mostly the change in weather (yes, Bellingham has quite different weather than Seattle). That and I gained some weight. Not much, but possibly enough to set my hormones out of whack.

Now that I'm "grown up," I've had more zits than ever before. Not a lot, but enough to be a nuisance. Okay, so I rarely have more than three at a time, but still. That's three too many.

Especially when you're 30 years old and should have grown out of this phase by now.

Zits sucks.

Especially ones on your lips.

Most especially the ones on your lips that are situated right in the very middle of your upper lip.

Highly attractive.


  1. Hi! The first thing I wondered was if you were drinking enough water. That can always set you up for zit land. As a suggestion on how to pounce on your current facial interference, just attack it in the morning... Like, right when you get up. For some reason everything is a bit numb in the morning and that's when I attack. Hope this helps!

  2. It's all thanks to our mother. Thanks for the zit genes mom.


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