Monday, June 16, 2008

The Wall

On Saturday we took the girls to visit the Vietnam Memorial Traveling Wall at the fairgrounds here in Moses Lake.

It was quite impressive, even after having seen the original, full-sized memorial in Washington, DC.

Sleeping Beauty walking around in front of the Wall.

The most difficult part was explaining the concept of war to Cinderella and trying to wrap her four-year-old mind around the fact that each of the names represented someone who had (most likely) died during the war. For the most part, she got it.

There were also some vehicles from the local National Guard post out here, and they were open for the Wall visitors to explore. For Cinderella, this broke up some of the solemnity of the evening, but that was okay. She probably needed something like that after all our talking about guns and dying.

Prince Charming and Cinderella inside a tank, or armored personnel carrier, or whatever it's called.

We talked to some very nice people and tried to ignore some very rude people talking loudly on cell phones. Cinderella talked to a vet who told her he ate bugs in the jungle after his rations ran out. She was pretty grossed out by this and couldn't figure out why he didn't just get some more food from the grocery store.

Even though we spent quite a bit of time chasing Sleeping Beauty and making sure Cinderella didn't walk into anyone (she doesn't really watch where she's going), it was a memorable evening.


  1. Discovered your blog today and very much enjoyed reading your posts.
    Blessings from Costa Rica

  2. You have the best blog photo caption ever "Cinderella in a tank...) because every princess needs to learn to take care of herself and a tank comes in handy just in case her Prince Charming-to-be turns out to an ugly frog.


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