Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pinterest Worthy--Magnetic Board

Last week, I made two of these for the nursery at church:

I got the idea from Pinterest, but made them my own.

I had two old jelly roll pans too gross for baking and had Mr. Einstein spray paint the bottom and sides white. 
(Side note:  I could have done the painting myself, but I'm not very good at it.  I suppose I could have practiced, but I'm a little scared of how addicted to spray painting everything I'd get.)

Then I cut strips of scrapbook paper to fit, mod podged everything into place, and embellished with a ribbon.  Mr. Einstein hammered two holes into the top of each, then I added a combination of ribbon and hemp as a hanger.


Two magnetic name tag boards; boys on the top, girls on the bottom.

Pretty cute, no?


  1. Cute! Do your nametags at church attach by magnets?
    Also, did you pin this yourself? Adds traffic! ;)

    1. They aren't exactly nametags. They are the tags for parent drop off and pick up. And yes, I pinned it. :)


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