Sunday, February 5, 2012

Pinterest Worthy--Allowance Cans

E gets an allowance every month.

She tithes 10% to our church, half of the original amount goes into savings, and the rest goes into spending.

To make everything easier, I made these cans for her:

I just used a couple of clean cans from canned tomatoes, mod podged pretty paper onto them, and embellished with buttons, flowers, rhinestones, ribbon, tags, and alphabet stickers.

Aren't they cute?

Every once in awhile we take her savings to the bank and her tithe goes into her wallet.  The spending stays in the can until she's ready to spend it.

Usually, she just buys books from the book fair at her school; but the last six months she's been saving up for her own DSi.  She's currently got enough for the system, but needs a little bit more for games.

I'm so proud of her!

In a few more months, I'll have to make some for C, too.

So exciting!

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