Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Sunday Post

I don't usually blog on Sundays. Lately, I've been too busy watching Prince Charming playing Zelda on the Wii, but most Sundays I spend reading, watching movies, or napping.

Napping is my favorite Sunday activity, by the way.

Today, for some reason, I feel like blogging.

I think it's because I've had a nasty day, and I feel like venting.

My Sunday started at 4:30 this morning.

Yes, I meant to write 4:30.

It's not a typo.

Sleeping Beauty was having an awful night; she woke up every hours and had a very difficult time going back down each time. She was having a hard time getting comfortable while cuddling, and every time I put her down, she'd curl her little, fat legs up to her chest while on her tummy.

My mommy senses were tingling all over.

At 4:30, Sleeping Beauty desperately wanted to sleep, but she could not get comfortable. Everything I tried failed. She would settle down in my arms, her little eyes closed, her little snores resonating in the room, only to start squirming and squealing minutes later.

After finally getting her down at 4:52, I told myself, "She'll be up in 5 minutes."

I was wrong. She was up in 8 minutes.

Fortunately, Prince Charming awoke from his snoring and offered to rock her.

It didn't work.

At 5:30, I took another turn, nursing and rocking; nothing worked.

I eventually decided, "This kid is constipated."

She hadn't pooped the day before, strained her entire body the night before to no avail, and I figured she was feeling pretty miserable.

So, I woke up Prince Charming, got out the glycerin suppositories, and went to work.

Normally I would use prunes, but this problem needed to be taken care of instantly, not after the 12-24 hours prunes usually take.

Blessed relief!

By 6:30, Sleeping Beauty had done her business several times, and she was back in bed by 7:00.

The most amazing thing about this entire ordeal was that Cinderella never once woke up.

She slept through the crying, the squealing, and the screaming.

After this ordeal, Prince Charming let me sleep in until 8:45.

Prince Charming had lovingly made sour dough waffles (my favorite). I eagerly grabbed my plate and hungrily took a bite of a plain waffle, not waiting to spread jam on it.

I have only one word to describe that waffle: BLECH!!!!

Prince Charming misread the recipe.

He added 2 tablespoons of salt instead of the 1/4 teaspoon it called for.


They were terrible! It took me all morning to get the taste of salt out of my mouth, and several glasses of juice and water just to replenish the liquid I had lost eating that one bite.

I had a difficult time paying attention and staying awake during church.

Now that I'm home?

Sleeping Beauty took a fantastic nap!

I'm watching Prince Charming play Zelda.

And blogging.

Crummy morning. Good afternoon.


  1. Thank goodness the day got better! Hope tomorrow is a great one!

  2. Woa...salt bad:( Glad the day got better for you!

  3. Oh the Sundays. And thank goodness for suppositories! I know they came in handy last night at 2 in the morning when my husband was puking his guts out.


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