Tuesday, January 15, 2008

2008 Goody Swap

Kailani over at An Island Life is hosting a Valentine's Day goody swap. Seriously, folks; check it out. You give goodies, you get goodies (i.e. candy, of some sort or another). Could there possibly be anything bad with this?

I think not.

Participants can join until January 31st, and partners will be chosen February 1st.

Here are my answers to a few questions Kailani posted to help my partner know me (or my goody preferences) a little better:

What is your idea of a romantic Valentine's Day?
*Dinner without the children.

In reality, what is your Valentine's Day really like?
*What's Valentine's Day?

If you could have a lifetime supply of your favorite sweet indulgence, what would it be?
*That's a tough one. Caramels, probably. Or anything sour and chewy. Saltwater taffy, definitely.

Is there any treat you absolutely do not like?
*I'll eat black licorice, but it's not a favorite. I don't really like milk chocolate (the darker the better!), or chocolate bars (I prefer chocolate-coated things to chocolate bars). And candy-coated almonds (think weddings).

If you fell into a pool of chocolate, how would you get out?
*I'm not a huge fan of plain chocolate, so I'd probably swim out of it as fast as possible. If it was dark chocolate, I'd probably go a little slower, tasting it every once in awhile. The darker it was, the slower I'd swim, the more I'd taste.


  1. Not a fan of chocolate, isn't that some kind of sin? LOL

  2. Probably. It's not that I don't like chocolate, I just prefer other kinds of candy.

  3. i like the saltwater taffy in Leavenworth.

    i'm all about dark chocolate too. i dont like milk chocolate much at all. but dark chocolate, oohh man.

  4. now the dark chocolate I just never got into...???? but you make it sound so good, I should give it another shot. :)


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