Thursday, January 10, 2008

And They Cried, "Whee! Whee! A Wii!" All the Way Home

My sister got a Wii for Christmas from my dad.

Prince Charming SAID he didn't want one (yeah, right), so he didn't get one.

Am I at all jealous? Not really.

Because I got a Wii for Christmas from my dad (he was lucky enough to buy 2 at one time).

Not Prince Charming. Not Cinderella.


Of course, I do share it willingly, but I also let it be known that it is my Wii.

So, yes, faithful readers, who are few and far between, I have we have joined the ranks of Wii owners.

We share the Wii Sports and the Wii Play; Cinderella has her own Disney Princess game; and I, being the lovely, tender-hearted, generous wife I am, asked my dad for Zelda, Twilight Princess for Prince Charming (it's my game, but I got it for him, just so you know).

Lord knows I'll never play it.

Seriously. I won't.

It's way too complicated for me.

I do like to watch it, though. I guess that makes all Prince Charming's playing time worth it.

Because he's got a problem. He admits it, too.

Although, I do egg it on, sometimes. As I said, I like to watch Zelda.

Does that make me an enabler?


  1. No, your just supportive!

    By the way, Zelda isn't that complicated, you just have to take it one step at a time. Oh and the online walkthroughs, are a definate help!

    P.S. Corey's brother-in-law got me zelda for christmas too. But now I'm completely stuck...

  2. I was a staunch Anti-Wii activist until I bowled at my parents' house (what's with the old folks getting video games??).

    Now we're working out a payment plan with the kids while we search Craigslist for desperation sales...

  3. haha we're thinking about getting a Wii for our wedding! we bought one for Ben's mom for christmas and we've been borrowing it.


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