Wednesday, October 10, 2007

WFMW--Childproof Markers

As I was getting everything ready to head to Seattle today, I packed these markers for Cinderella to use in the car. These Color Wonder markers from Crayola are the greatest markers ever for wherever you are that you don't want marker ink everywhere.

Or for the child that insists on coloring on everything except paper.

Fortunately, Cinderella is not one of these children, but she does tend to drop her pens quite often while riding in the car.

These markers are perfect for the car because they only write on special paper; they leave no markings anywhere else.

Yea, Crayola! Great product!


  1. I just barely got a bunch of color wonder stuff for my little 3yr old artist and they are awesome! He loves writing on everything, so these are just great since they only work on the special paper.

  2. Oh yes, I am a huge fan of Color Wonder products!

  3. Great product! Thanks for the recommendation!


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