Friday, October 26, 2007

The Empty Fridge

Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I planned our meals so precisely this week that we literally have nothing left in our fridge that will spoil before we return from Texas!

Am I a master meal-planner, or what?

Okay. It was kind of a fluke; but I did purposefully refrain from grocery shopping this week so we would be forced to empty the fridge by today. I only bought a half-gallon of milk.

I need my milk for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Today, I didn't even get it for breakfast. I grudgingly selflessly let Cinderella have it.

Sigh. I miss my milk.

Anyway, back to my genius fridge...

My fridge is empty. I threw a few things away, like some celery and some Jello. I froze some things, like some spaghetti sauce and 4 slices of bacon.

Cinderella and I are eating the rest of it for lunch.

Cinderella is having the other half of her sandwich wrap from yesterday (we finished off the bread 2 nights ago), the applesauce she didn't finish last night, and some of the Jello. I'm having the last yogurt that wouldn't make it until we returned, and half of an orange left over from a few days ago.

Not our typical lunch, but it works.

All that remains in the fridge are some eggs that are good for another 2 weeks, a block of cheese that's never even been opened, lots of condiments, and 2 apples.

The apples might not make it. Cinderella and I may just eat them while we finish cleaning the house.

Yogurt and half an orange aren't going to last me much longer than a few hours. I'm going to need to eat again.

Yes, again. I'm a nursing mom; I need to keep my reserves full for Sleeping Beauty.

Great excuse, huh? Works for me!

It feels good leaving the house with an empty fridge. I feel content and satisfied that nothing will spoil while we're gone.

The only downside of an empty fridge now is that it's still empty when we return.

I really dislike grocery shopping as soon as I return from a trip.

There's not much worse than having to get back in the car as soon as you've finally gotten out of it.

I suppose we could go shopping as soon as we get back into town, but that means dragging the kids to the store after they've already been in the car for at least 4 hours.

We've tried it before.

It's not pretty.

I guess for now, I'll just continue to revel in the knowledge that I have an empty fridge to come home to: no rotting food; no bad smells.

Except the litter box.


  1. Good for you! Well done, Not the Queen.

    Do you have a good friend who might go to the store for you the day before you return? You could leave her some grocery money and a key to your house.

    Just a thought...

  2. Isn't it amazing how nowadays we take comfort in an EMPTY fridge! Full ones are so stressful to me! Things going bad, things getting lost, oh the pressure!


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