Monday, October 15, 2007

Queen for Half an Hour

While I was in Seattle last week, my wonderful dad treated me to a pedicure.

Ahh! Bliss!

I needed it so badly! I get terrible summer feet from walking around barefoot, plus I still had paint on my feet from painting my bedroom with chocolate.

I love pedicures!

I was feeling so pampered, so relaxed, so Queenly!

Until the lady ran her fingernail right down the middle of my foot.

Just thinking about it sends shivers down my spine.

Have I mentioned before how extremely ticklish I am? No? I'm VERY ticklish!


There went my relaxation. After that, I was wary of being tickled again. So wary, I couldn't fully relax again.

Oh well. I still enjoyed my pedicure, still felt like a Queen for half an hour, and now I have sexy red toenails.

In fall.

It's only 60 degrees out during the day. It's definitely not sandal-weather out here anymore. No one will see my sexy red toenails.

But me.

And Prince Charming.

I suppose that's all that really matters. Just knowing they're there makes me smile to myself and say, "I have sexy red toenails under those socks and slippers!"

It makes an otherwise dreary day seem so much brighter.


  1. Let's hear it for moms and dads who send their kids out for pedicures! Nice to have our parents take care of us for a little while, isn't it?


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