Thursday, September 13, 2007

About Me

I figured it is probably time to introduce myself to everyone.

Here are 100 things about me:

1. I am 29 years old.
2. I am absolutely dreading my 30th birthday.
3. I was okay with 30 while my husband and friends turned 30.
4. I'm just not ready to admit I'm "all grown up."
5. I don't see myself as an adult.
6. I don't think I'm mature enough to be an adult.
7. I was born and raised in north Seattle.
8. Actually within the city limits.
9. I'm very particular about this piece of information.
10. I went to Holy Names Academy.
11. I absolute loved it!
12. Even without the boys.
13. I went to Western Washington University.
14. I studied Sociology.
15. I never graduated.
16. I got married.
17. And moved away.
18. My husband and I met on a mission trip to Jamaica.
19. We were best friends after that.
20. We've been married 7 years.
21. He's an elementary school teacher.
22. I taught at a Hutterite colony for 7 years.
23. I'm not certified.
24. I'm going back to school full time.
25. At Western Governors University.
26. I'm going to be a secondary math teacher.
27. I am currently not working.
28. I left my job to stay home with my girls.
29. I have two daughters.
30. I really wanted my firstborn to be a girl.
31. Boys kind of scare me.
32. Probably because I've never had one.
33. I also wanted my second one to be a girl.
34. That way they would have each other to play with.
35. And share a room.
36. My firstborn did not want a brother.
37. I have a younger sister.
38. We never got along growing up.
39. We do now, though.
40. I really want a third child.
41. I'd be okay with 3 girls.
42. We're under pressure to have a boy.
43. There are no boys to carry on my husband's family's name.
44. It's up to us and my brother-in-law.
45. All the other boy cousins are done having kids.
46. I am a child of God.
47. I grew up Catholic.
48. I'm not Catholic any more.
49. I committed my life right before my 19th birthday.
50. On a mission trip to Watts.
51. I was rebaptized soon after.
52. I love the Lord.
53. I have a difficult time staying committed to Bible reading.
54. And devotionals.
55. And quiet time.
56. I'm a "cool" Christian.
57. I'm not a right-wing fundamentalist.
58. Or a left-wing bleeding heart.
59. I'm somewhere in the middle.
60. I drink alcohol.
61. I swear on purpose sometimes.
62. Not often.
63. I always regret it.
64. I love all kinds of movies.
65. And most kinds of music.
66. I LOVE to read!
67. Especially classics.
68. I read those because I should.
69. I read other books because I want to.
70. I love to cook.
71. I'm quite good at it, actually.
72. I always manage to forget to make side dishes.
73. I love to sing.
74. I sing up front at church.
75. I have played the piano since I was 6.
76. Classical, mostly.
77. I should play better than I do.
78. Especially after that many years.
79. I am a grammar nerd.
80. And a spelling whiz.
81. And a math buff.
82. I love to make cards.
83. I can be very creative.
84. I have several scrapbooks started.
85. Though I've yet to finish one.
86. I'd rather make cards.
87. I have beautiful handwriting.
88. But a terrible signature.
89. I have a bad habit of chewing my fingernails.
90. Mostly my thumbnails.
91. I have long blond hair.
92. And blue eyes.
93. I wear glasses.
94. I used to be very thin.
95. Then I had two kids.
96. I want my body back.
97. I hate exercising.
98. I don't really want to be the Queen.
99. Which is good, because I'm not.
100. I am so much more...


  1. Don't be too afraid of 30 or boys. Although I think that 31 is officially "old" since I've been that for a few months now and have already "lied" about my age when asked - simply because I forgot I wasn't 30 anymore!

    And boys are fun! That's why you married one! :)

    When my little man was first eating "green" veggies, I'd alternate between a couple of bites of something that he liked and a couple of bites of the new stuff. Eventually he got used to the taste of the new stuff and likes it all now! He also caught on to the trick, so it doesn't really work anymore. :( When he's into yogurt, I'll definitely try that though!

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog! That usually only happens on WFMWs! :) If you're ever in the "other" Washington (DC, that is), look me up!

  2. Thanks for introducing yourself to us! I definitely enjoy reading your blog... it's nice to know there's intelligent life in Moses Lake. :)

  3. Yes, Leia, I did marry a boy, but even he still sometimes scares me (not really, but I am baffled at times).

    Thanks, Twinmommy!

    There is some intelligent life out here. Not much, at times, but enough that we're happy to stay here.

    That and we can't afford to move back.

  4. Oh... and I'd like my old body back, too, but I had twins. That may be a pipe dream. Even if I lose weight I'm sure there's still going to be a serious redistribution problem.

  5. Twinmommy, I had a friend who had twins (an 8lb. boy and a 6lb. girl) and she did get her stomach muscles back (she looks fabulous!). Unfortunately, the skin on her stomach was permanently stretched and is still wrinkly 4 years later.

    Good luck, though. It is possible!


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