Monday, March 9, 2009

When Tragedy Strikes

On Sunday, our pastor dropped a bombshell.

The niece/cousin of one of the families in our church went for a jog Saturday and never returned home. The authorities issued an Amber alert. Later, they saw a man exiting the woods with the girl's iPod and watch. Early Sunday morning, they found her body.

She was 13.

She was an only child.

Our pastor said her family had fallen away from church in recent years. Because of what was happening, they began to pray again on Saturday.

The question our pastor posed to us was this: Will they still be praying today (Sunday)?

When tragedy strikes, what do you do? Whom do you turn to?

You pray. You weep, you mourn, you rage, you blame, you shut down, you grieve, you disbelieve, you turn inward, you question. And you pray.

You turn to God. He's the only one with the answers, the only one who fully understands, the only one who can fully comfort. He may choose not to answer, but He will always understand and comfort.

The family in my church is praying; they are turning to God. I hope the girl's parents will, too.

Sure, it's easy for me to say; I've never been through a tragedy. I can't comprehend the emotions and thoughts associated with a tragedy. I know what I should do, and whom I should turn to.

But will I?

Will they?

Will you?


  1. This is so sad... And you raised a good question there. I'd like to ask myself how strongly will I keep leaning on our Lord and Savior should something like this happen to me?


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