Thursday, March 26, 2009

Things I'm Not Yet Ready to Talk About

~How utterly devastated I am that I can't be at my sister's wedding. I so badly wanted to be her matron of honor!

~How I was so looking forward to the big family party this weekend until I heard that certain people were coming.

~How upset I was last night because of the cupcakes I made for Cinderella's preschool.

~How certain words actually crossed my mouth that until last night had simply remained in my head.

~How angry and frustrated and emotional I am over Sleeping Beauty giving up naps. (She's not even two!)

~How I can't manage to stick to or follow through on any plan to finish losing this baby weight and reclaim my body.

~How poor of a housekeeper I am, and how I have completely disappointed my husband many times over this issue.

~How I'm currently interested in becoming a doula some day. (Current interest, not definite interest.)


  1. Ooo, so sorry about your sister's wedding. :(

    And I was beginning to wonder where all the H.K. comments were coming from since I hadn't made it around to your blog in my reader yet! Now I know!

  2. Yeah, I got tired of the other one.

  3. I'm there with you on several of those, including the housework. I can't count the number of times we've gone round and round on that one. Bleh.

  4. Who don't like in the family?!? ;o) I'm really sad too that can't be there either. *pout with super bird poop lip pout*

  5. FuF: Can I still be your matron of honor? Even if it's only honorary?

    TM: Housework is actually the one thing almost guaranteed to get my husband irritated. And yet, I still suck at doing it.

  6. Aw, I'm so sorry to hear all that!! :( Why can't you attend your sister's wedding?

  7. With you 100% on the housework. and though i was not upset last night about cupcakes, i was very upset about ruining a white sauce (which i have made 92387434 times and never ruined once and yet somehow i completely flopped last night) and i am angry and frustrated and emotional about myself not being able to take naps. pregnant moms should get nap breaks at work. end of story.

  8. Had many similar thoughts myself. :(

  9. BLAH! so sorry to hear of all those yucky feelings.... remember that people will always be there for you, even if it sometimes means through a computer screen... Hope you can manage to get your chin up a bit!
    ~ Eva oh and YES! im def counting you in on the first five thingy :)


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