Wednesday, March 11, 2009

When Momma Gets Sick

When momma gets sick, the world NEEDS TO STOP MOVING!

There can't be any diapers to change, kids to put to sleep, food to be prepared, or laundry to be folded.

There needs to be a constant cycle of movies in the DVD player, a sippy cup that will replenish its own milk, and a maid.

There needs to be no fighting, whining, talking, attention-seeking, or accidents.

When momma gets sick? You all had better clear out!

Why? Because she's done with you! She's done being a mom; done being a taxi driver; done being a chef, a laundress, a doctor, a mediator. She's even done being a blogger (*shudder*).

When momma gets sick? Unfortunately, nothing changes.

When momma gets sick? Things keep right on moving at the same pace as before. Children and house still need attending to. (Well, the house may get a bit more ignored than usual; okay, who am I kidding: the kids get a bit ignored, too.)

When momma gets sick? She needs to get better, IMMEDIATELY!!!

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