Saturday, March 21, 2009

Partying Like It's 2009

Cinderella had her group birthday party this morning.

27 kids. 3 batches of cupcakes. 40+ balloons.

Silly songs. Crowns galore.

Princesses everywhere!

It was a blast!

Only one more day before my little girl "officially" grows up.


Cinderella as, well, Cinderella.

Sleeping Beauty as...only cuteness knows what.

(Like the boots? Yes, I made her take them off before we left the house; don't worry.)

Prince Charming and Sleeping Beauty after a cupcake; well, maybe just after the frosting.


  1. Your girls are so gorgeous! Happy early birthday, Miss Cinderella!

  2. Found you through some UBP comments. Love the great party0ing you've done with your family today! Your blog subtitle is fun! I love your theme.

  3. Hey... I found your blog through MommyBloggers on facebook. And, I'm glad I stopped by. :)


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