Monday, March 2, 2009

May I Get a Set of Dentures for My Four-Year-Old, Please?

We just got back from Cinderella's dentist appointment about an hour ago, and OH MY GOSH, PEOPLE!!!! Her mouth is a mess!

We've always known our kids would need braces. I had braces. Prince Charming had braces. Shoot, I've even had jaw surgery.

Cinderella is not even 5 yet, and she's already lost 2 teeth on the bottom. The dentist said she'll probably lose another 2 teeth on the bottom within 6 months to a year.

Her baby teeth are so crowded that her new, permanent teeth are already coming in way more crooked than mine ever were.

The only positive thing the girl has going for her teeth is that she is actually missing her entire second set of bicuspids. They've never formed. Seriously, this is a blessing.

After seeing the x-rays, I wouldn't be surprised if Cinderella lost 2 baby teeth for each permanent tooth that comes in. Her mouth is just that bad. Her big teeth are so big, and her baby teeth are so small.

Poor kid!

Guess we'd better start saving for the orthodontist soon.


  1. Wow, that's rough. I had to have most of my baby teeth pulled because my permanent teeth didn't push them out, they came in behind or in front. And yes, then I needed braces, as well as a surgery for the flap of skin in the front if your upper teeth. Weird.
    But at least I have had very few cavities!!! None until I was 21! My hubby (and brother) never had braces, but they both had lots of cavities. I wonder if it's a gender thing at all...

  2. Poor thing! I had braces, too, and it was not a fond memory. :-(


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