Friday, March 14, 2008

Pepe le P.U.

Prince Charming (ha ha!) just got sprayed (tee hee!) by a skunk! (snort!)

He was closing the blinds in our bedroom this evening, when all of a sudden he smelled IT.

All he can figure is that some young punk of a skunk had the audacity to be nosing around our back patio and felt threatened when he saw Prince Charming. Through the glass. Double-paned, I might add.

I suppose this skunk may have caught wind of Prince Charming's own stench he had just left in the bathroom and felt threatened that his skunk funk wouldn't be on par. Maybe he felt he had to reassert his dominance in the animal kingdom as one of the smelliest (if not THE smelliest of) animals in existence.

I suppose it's possible. Prince Charming can be rather stinky at times...

Regardless, my house now positively reeks of skunk spray, not to mention the other nasty smell emanating from the bathroom.


  1. *snort* thanks for the laugh (at the expense of your husband ;)

  2. Oh NO!! So sorry - no fun to have a stinky husband (or house).

  3. I heard bathing in ketchup works. Or maybe that's just an old wive's tale. How the heck could anyone buy that much ketchup anyway? :)



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