Monday, March 10, 2008

Baby Alert

This is a test of the Emergency Baby Alert system.

This is only a test.

Cinderella came running into the bathroom this morning while I was getting ready yelling, "Baby alert! Baby alert!"

I totally panicked, thinking, Sleeping Beauty's choking! She's stuck! She's loose! She's eating cat food!

Cinderella then informed me, "She's pushing buttons on the stereo."

"Oh. That's okay," I replied. "Just make sure the TV's off."

This has been a test of the Emergency Baby Alert system.

This was only a test.

If this had been a real emergency, no instructions would have followed. You would have been on your own. Good luck.


  1. Well, I'm glad it was a test and not the real deal.

    That's too funny!

  2. Oh I hate when my older one starts screaming something about the baby and I completely freak only to find out it's nothing. Gah - exhausting.

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