Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Compliments of Cinderella

Cinderella just sang a song and danced a dance for me. Here are the lyrics:

"You have to have jewels on your feet
And high and a lowly sky
You do ballet because everything you wanna know
you will know how to do
My daaauuughteeer!
Ta da! That was it!"

This is song number two:

Cuckoo Clock

"Because this is not an important jewel
Because of this you might love to do a wonderful time of change
Because of this you actually meet this singing song
Because of this you're my daddy
Because of this little cuckooooooo"

Guess who walked in the door during song number 2?


  1. Love that she makes up her own songs. Great!!!

  2. That second song is cute. And it actually makes some sense considering the crazy that we are changing our clocks every season!

  3. I'm confused. How are you not queen? Not to sound rude...but when u say ur not queen...but your husband ( i believe ) is prince charming & ur daughters are's sounds like your not ment for the fairy tale. As if you dont belive in it. I dont know. Just my opinion. Not trying to be rude.


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