Friday, March 7, 2008

Party Hardy, Bloggers!

Ultimate Blog Party 2008

Welcome! This is my blog. So exciting, I know.

I am the mother to two self-proclaimed princesses, but I'm Not the Queen. The closest I get to being the Queen is being dubbed "The Bad Stepmother" by my almost-four-year-old who claims she's Cinderella. She tells us, daily, that doesn't like her given name, so please call her Cinderella, thank you very much.

Many days we oblige; some days we don't.

I blog about daily life, random musings, becoming a math teacher (ack!?!), and whatever else pops into my head.

I don't really have any direction; I'm still kind of new to this.

And cards. I love to make cards! Check here for some of my designs. I love to give them away, too.

Anyway, look around, check things out, and have a blast! If you want to know more about me or my family, check my sidebar.

Thanks for stopping by!

And make sure you check out the other mommy bloggers at 5 Minutes for Mom. It is a party, after all.

Don't forget about the prizes! These are my favorites:
*24 Blog design--I need this desperately!
*45 Blog design--ditto!
*119 This gorgeous lunchbox!
*Also 50, 76, 85, 90, 97, 34, 117, 39, and 60.


  1. A math teacher, I am currently taking a pre-calculus class and I haven't had math in 30 years! So I can call you my new best friend!! But let's leave the math home and party!

  2. Stopping by to say Hello!

    nice job on the cards and nice to meet you!

  3. Thanks so much for coming by and entering the beach towel giveaway - good luck!!

  4. Popping in to say hi and check out your party :) ... your little is cracking me up with the Cinderella thing :)


  5. a math teacher eh... hm. math and i do not get along, at all. in fact, i'm fairly certain math has put a hit out on me. but kudos to you for teaching it, because i would have LOVED a fun teacher when i was in school.

  6. Inviting you to Party With Me!

    Win Chocolates:

    Win a handmade pocket place mat:

    Join me this month at A Cup of Joy for Missions Month:

  7. Wow! Math teacher? Scary!

    You could tell me to divide by purple, and it would make as much sense to me as any other math!

    Good to meet you... and the princesses, of course!

  8. I'm in love with that lunchbox.

    Oh, also. Hi. :)

  9. Yikes! Math?!?

    My head hurts thinking about it. Hope you are enjoying the party!

  10. So I became a school librarian trying to AVOID math as much as possible! I am in awe of those people who can do it, let alone teach it! :D

    I just watched your Snape and Sensibility youtube and nearly laughed myself silly. "Voldemort, Voldemort, Oh Vold-ee Voldemort!" Har har har

    I'm coming back when this party winds down!

  11. We like some of the same blog reads. Have fun partying!

  12. Nice recap of your blog... have you heard the new (a few months on the radio over here) Steven Curtis Chapman song that talks about Cinderella dancing with her daddy? It's really quite touching.

    And hang in there with the math classes! I'm living proof that you can, indeed, survive a math degree!

  13. What a great blog you have! It's nice to meet you and I hope you are having fun at all these blogs!
    Your cards are beautiful! I scrapbook & stamp as well and love to make handmade cards but seem to run out of time most weeks and end up giving in to hallmark LOL.
    I will definitely be back - love your writing style!
    Happy UBP!
    Hugs, Lisa ~ TheScrapPrincess

  14. I've given up trying to get to every blog. :) I'm a math teacher, too - but not by "profession" (you could call me a homeschool mom a lot better than "math teacher")! Come on over party at my place! Nice to run in to you at the party before the clock strikes 12!

    Better get back to my carriage before it turns in to a pumpkin!

    Visit my party post at:

    I'm giving away some Pysanka Easter Egg Sleeves that are fun to decorate your eggs with and very pretty (Russian and Ukranian designs).

  15. Guess who won prize #97?
    Yep it's you! Please be patient while the prize donor is contacted. They will be in touch with you soon. Congratulations!!!!!!!


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