Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Ah ha!

I squished the last one this morning.

Victory is mine!

It's the small things, people; the small things.


  1. Hooray for small victories! I can tolerate some number of fruit flies in my house, but when they multiply beyond that threshold (which happened at our house last week too) it makes me INSANE. My husband wholeheartedly agrees with this sentiment, and says that of all the nutty little things I do, swatting at "invisible" bugs is the one that makes him think I may be crossing over into the realm of certifiably crazy. They are just so maddening though, appearing out of nowhere and swarming around my wine glass in the evening, and yes, landing on my bathroom mirror. Fortunately, removing all fruit from the kitchen, and then going out of town for 3 days seems to have solved the problem this time...but isn't a very workable solution on a regular basis ;)

  2. LOL, Stacey! Glad they're gone, though. :)


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