Monday, October 25, 2010


I am irritated with,

frustrated by,

plagued with,

bugged by

fruit flies.

They are everywhere!

Seriously! Where do these little buggers come from? (I mean, obviously, they come from fruit.) But how can my house be clear, my fruit be freshly bought and washed, and two days later, there are swarms?

And as much as I dislike fruit flies, in my kitchen I can at least tolerate them. To a point. I expect them to be in my kitchen. That's natural. That's where my fruit is.

But fruit flies in my bathroom? Gross.

Why, oh why do the fruit flies like my bathroom? I could understand it if I saw them in the sinks or in the shower. Swarming around a source of water would at least make sense.

But the fruit flies in my house? Must be narcissistic or something. Because in my bathroom I see them

on the mirror,

flying in front of the mirror,

walking on the mirror.

And while they are much easier to squish on the mirror, um, gross.

So, yeah. I'm feeling bugged today. How are you feeling?


  1. Oh, I know! We always find them in the bathroom too, makes no sense!
    You know if you put out a small dish of vinegar with a couple of drops of dish soap in it you will get rid of most of them? Works really well and isn't super harmful to kids!

  2. We had the same problem at our last house. The vinegar and soap solution really does work!


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