Saturday, October 9, 2010

Oktoberfest 2010

We've decided to make visiting Leavenworth an October tradition in our family.

Straight out of the camera. Unedited. I swear! Look at those trees changing colors!

Yes, we know it's Oktoberfest. No, we don't go for the beer.

But we would, if we didn't insist on bringing our kids with us.

Which we do. So we don't.

We walked and walked and walked. And somewhere along a trail, the girls managed to find walking sticks.

And somehow, M never even noticed. That's how excited he was with all of his unexpected, longed-for, outdoor freedom.

He usually gets carried/worn a lot. He tends to wander.

E in the baby swing. What a goof! And yes, that is yet another missing tooth. That makes seven total. With one more loose.

Good grief!

Let's all just pause here and revel in my son's cuteness. Go ahead. He's cute, I know (and dirty, but that's beside the point). But you can tell me again, if you want to.

And just because I'm not convinced you really stopped to gaze adoringly at him long enough, here's another one:

You're welcome. :)

We stopped to throw rocks in the river.

And by "we" I mean C and M.

We climbed rocks and logs down by the river.

And by "we" I mean E and C.

I love this last photo. He's just a boy being a boy.

Oktoberfest 2011, here we come!


  1. CUTE pictures! I particularly like the face shot of M! :)
    Hope we didn't infringe on your family time too much. :( It was nice to see you again though!

  2. Next time you are going to Leavenworth, drop by our site first to see what is happening in town. We've built a site with a whimsical tone from a tourist's point of view. We have a blog of our travels and things we've found there that we like.

    Visit us at Accidental Bavarian

  3. Oh, Krista! You didn't at all! It was wonderful to see you, though it was short. Next time. :)

    AB, I will have to do that. Thanks for the head's up! :)


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