Friday, April 16, 2010

On Turning 32

When you turn 32, it's not that special.

When you turn 32 and your birthday just happens to fall on a Friday, you still have to clean the house, even though it's your "special day."

When you turn 32, the kids will still argue, will still need their diapers changed, will still demand your time.

When you turn 32, the world doesn't stop for you to take a break.

When you turn 32, dinner out with your husband and free babysitting are just about the best presents you could ask for.

When you turn 32, you realize you wouldn't change what you currently have for anything.

Happy Birthday to me!!!


  1. Oh yeah, dinner out without kids, that's where it's at! ;)
    Hope you have a good day and a fabulous evening!

  2. Happy B-day! Hope it was awesome!

  3. Or a nap with no interruptions is a great gift for me.


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