Friday, April 9, 2010

In My Defense... fridge is already stocked with fruits and veggies. And I did get milk and yogurt, too; they were buried. Just so you know.

Yeah, you who looked my grocery cart up and down and didn't like what you saw;

yeah, you who peered at my kids eating free bakery cookies and saw the take-and-bake pizza sitting on top of my cart;

yeah, you who eyed me buying frozen nuggets and fries;

yeah, you who assumed I'm one of "those" parents who only feed their kids crap.

In my defense:

my kids only get a free cookie if they behave in the store (they almost always do, even without the promise of a cookie);

the pizza is for family movie night, which we do every week;

I buy nuggets and fries maybe three times a year;

my kids actually like fruits and veggies and almost always eat them first.

So there.


  1. I hear ya. Even though I'm not buying for children, I still feel a little guilty when we buy chips or when my fiance grabs a donut for himself for Sunday morning. In my head I'm thinking, "DON'T JUDGE ME! I'm normally pretty healthy!" :)

  2. Ha ha! I feel that way when I shop for groceries too. People don't realize how judgemental their looks can be in a grocery store!! Have a great weekend!

  3. Sometimes I do feel guilty about what we've been eating lately... but then I remember that it's pretty much what I ate growing up and we turned out all right *tic tic* ;)
    Love ya!


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