Friday, April 30, 2010

My Husband Is So Cool He Wears Designer Jeans To Mow the Lawn

A number of years ago, we were out shopping together when I spied them.

Alfani jeans. On sale for around $20 a pair.

I begged with my husband. I pleaded with my husband. I cajoled my husband into buying some. They were stylish. They were hip. They were a far cry from the usual Kirkland Signature jeans he always bought. And insisted on wearing. Everywhere.

Oh, the fashion horror!

So, he bought a couple of pairs, and they quickly became his favorite jeans. Duh!

He wore them everywhere. They were dress-down-Friday-worthy. They were church-worthy.

Until one of the knees finally ripped out.

Now, they are only good for mowing the lawn in.

Now, my once-stylish husband owns only one worthy pair of Alfani jeans.

So, when those are dirty, when those finally give out, guess what he'll be wearing?

Kirkland Signature.


I knew it was too good to last.


  1. Hey, at least he can buy jeans that fit! ;) I think my husband only owns one pair of jeans that he can wear on Friday now... it's so hard to find any that fit properly! I think we may have had a pair of Alfani once... but only because they were at Ross as rejects since no one else is his size! :)
    PS. When are you all going to come visit? We have a yard now!

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