Thursday, December 20, 2007

Finished in the Nick of Time

I finally finished my Christmas cards two evenings ago. If it weren't for Prince Charming's willingness to address envelopes (!!!), I probably wouldn't have finished when I did.

Here is the insert:

Isn't that a cute picture of the girls?

Those trees were cut from the same paper that is pasted to the flap of the card.

And here is the fully-assembled, finished product:

I used up every single piece of shiny red paper I owned!

It's a slight variation on the original; I realized I didn't have enough jewels for the 30+ cards I had to make.

Of course, now that I'm done, we just heard from a friend of ours who has finally given us his address. Do I have an extra card for him? No!!!

Guess what I'll be doing this afternoon: designing another card, since I don't have any more red paper.


  1. CUTE CUTE girls and love the cards!! I got mine out WAY early this year..
    smiles, deena

  2. I love your cards! I made tons of cards this year, and I didn't mail a single one!
    I gave them out at church and handed them to my family, but I didn't mail to the people I usually mail to. Weird. I've never dropped the ball like that.


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