Friday, January 22, 2010

The New Year

Honestly, I don't often think about January 1st being a time to start over, make resolutions, make changes. Being married to a teacher (and having worked in a school for seven years before staying home with my kids), I tend to think of years in school years, with September being the start of a "new year."

But this year, January definitely marks the start of something new for me. After losing Mr. Einstein's grandfather on Monday, this January, this New Year, has made me realize just how important memories are.

And how even more important documenting those memories is.

This is Mr. Einstein's grandfather with M. It was taken just this last Christmas, the Christmas we weren't originally planning on going home for.

Mr. Einstein's grandparents have lots of great-grandchildren, but only two great-grandsons. Of those two great-grandsons, only one carries on the family name.


So this photo? This memory? Is one I know I will treasure for this new year and for always.

Entered in An Island Life's January photo contest on The New Year.


  1. Awww. :(
    I totally agree with you though, thinking in terms of school years! ;) We start planning our summers in the fall since that's the "start" of the new year!
    And drat, now I have competition! ;)

  2. Hardly competition! You're a way better photographer than I am!

  3. This is definitely a photo that touches many hearts because we can all relate to it-Way to hold onto those precious memories :)
    Good luck in the contest!


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