Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Baby Jesus

C really started taking an interest in Christmas this year. She participated in the Advent calendar, and eagerly awaited opening the door housing baby Jesus.

Of course, she didn't quite understand it all. She is, after all, only 2 1/2.

In fact, she got a little mixed up.

Okay, a lot mixed up.

Over Christmas when we went home unexpectedly, we finally got to meet our sweet little niece for the first time.

(And, oh! What a cutie she is!)

The cousins.

Anyway, C knows her cousin's name. We talk about her quite often. Though, thinking back on it, I'm not so sure C ever actually said her name.

Until Christmas Eve.

When she called her cousin Baby Jesus.

Apparently, talking about baby Jesus at home, coupled with meeting her baby cousin for the first time at Christmas, confused poor C.

So, cousin Baby Jesus it is.

And I am now the sister-in-law to Mary and Joseph.

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  1. Awesome! I'm not sure Cory really gets it either... oh well!


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