Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dear Nasty Vomit-Inducing Bug

Dear nasty vomit-inducing bug running rampant through my house,

Stay away from me.

I'm serious! Stay away from me. I don't want you.

You brought down my sweet, cuddly 2 year-old C first. And while she was sleeping! Shame on you! If you care, she's mostly better now, thankyouverymuch.

Next, you struck my husband. Right before school started back up again. You kept him home, and underfoot, for two days. Two days! That was just mean of you.

And last night? Last night you showed how truly cruel you are. You got to both E and M within an hour. An hour! Two kids! What were you thinking? Are you really that devious of a bug? That was low, bug. That was low.

So, now that you've infected four helpless victims in my house, I'm asking you nicely, begging you on my knees, to leave me alone.


Because it's no fun for anyone when momma gets sick.

So, bug, please be a doll and leave me alone. Please? Please?

Sincerely, Hillary (Mrs. Einstein)


  1. OMG my mom and I came down with the same thing within the same hour a few weeks ago. And we're both adults...but it's still true that it's just no fun when mom gets sick!!!

  2. Oh, I hope it listens! Make sure you're getting as much rest (as possible!) and drinking your water and orange juice!!! :)


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