Thursday, September 24, 2009

THAT Family

Amidst all the turmoil and trauma of me missing my sister's wedding, a highly significant, life-changing event took place in the Einstein household earlier this month.

(No, I'm not pregnant again. It's not possible for Mr. Einstein and me to have another baby together. Trust me.)

What I mean is, the first day of the rest of E's life began: she started kindergarten.

She was just a wee bit excited about it.

Of course, Mr. Einstein started school, too.
He wasn't nearly as excited about it as E was, though.

With this new beginning came homework, of course.

Now, homework isn't new to E; the preschool she was at last year had weekly homework packets, so she was well-trained as to what to expect homework-wise.

The only difference this year is that her sister, C, is older. And has a longer reach. And is more interested.

Mr. Einstein, being an elementary school teacher, has dealt with...well, you name it, he's dealt with it.

One of his biggest pet peeves? THAT Family. One of the things he really can't figure out: How in the world do the kids of THAT Family manage to get food all over their homework? Some days it's so bad, he can actually figure out what THAT Family had for dinner.

Disgusting, right? Absurd, right? Careless, right?

Well, guess what: we now have personal insight into THAT Family.

We have become THAT Family.

Sadly, it's true.

Tuesday night Mr. Einstein was going over E's Read Well magazine packet with her, reviewing what's she's been learning. He got up to get seconds, and left it on the table.

Within reach of C.

Who had been eating refried beans.

With her hands.

Of course she reached out to grab the packet. Of course her hand was covered with beans. And of course she smeared the beans all over one of the pages.

She is only 2 years-old, after all.

Mr. Einstein emailed E's teacher to apologize, and her teacher just laughed.

Yes, we have become THAT Family.


  1. This is a great story! Thanks for the insight as to what is in store for our family next year!

  2. OMGosh...that is so true. I can see Mr. E not liking it, I can see him calling the teacher. That is awesome. Thanks for sharing. I got a good laugh.


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