Saturday, September 26, 2009

My Girl

My poor little Goose! My darling little 2 year-old C! I suppose it was inevitable.

She's so cute, so sweet. She's been forced to grow up so quickly because of M being only 18 months younger than she is.

I suppose, given her age, it was bound to happen.

I suppose it happens to all children eventually.

My careful girl,

my curious girl,

my wants-so-badly-to-be-a-big-girl girl,

fell out of bed the other night.

I'm not exactly sure how she managed it. Between the small bookcase acting as a guard by the head, and the bunk bed ladder acting as a guard by the foot, there's only a two-foot space leading directly to the ground. Apparently, she found it.

While asleep.

My talented girl!

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  1. they're just such wiggly butts, even when sleeping!


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