Friday, April 17, 2009

The Tattletale, or Why Being the Oldest Sucks Sometimes

Cinderella is a tattletale.

It's like she turned 5, and all of a sudden felt the need to report every.little.thing Sleeping Beauty does "wrong."

I can be standing right there, watching them play, and Cinderella will still feel the need to tell me every.little.thing Sleeping Beauty is doing "wrong."

It's obnoxious, to say the least.

"Is she in danger?" I ask. "Is she bleeding?" I inquire.

"No, but, Mom!" Cinderella replies. "Sleeping Beauty is..."


Last night I asked Cinderella if she wants Sleeping Beauty to get in trouble. Is that why she's telling me every.little.thing Sleeping Beauty does wrong?

"No." Pause. "Well, yeah."

Prince Charming told me later that he and Cinderella had a talk about why Sleeping Beauty doesn't get in trouble as often as her big sister. Cinderella knows why; she understands. She just doesn't quite get it yet.

Being a big sister totally sucks sometimes!

I should know; I was the older sister.

It's not fair. The younger kids DO get away with things.

Which means, I should understand Cinderella's plight, right?

I should be able to empathize, console, explain.

Instead? Instead I just get really annoyed.

*deep breath* *deep breath*

I think I need to channel my childhood again before I go certifiably crazy.

And Cinderella? Well, she's only five; she'll learn.

I just hope she does so before Kindergarten starts in the fall. I really don't want my child to be the class tattletale.


  1. Oy. I'm the older sister too... but I have no help for getting a tattle tale to quit. Sorry!

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  3. Love your blog!
    I have one princess and 2 handsome princes......they think I'm the queen (but I think I'm a princess)...that's ok


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