Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Don't Want to Blog!

I've (obviously) been ignoring this little corner of my life lately. I think I'm just going through a "phase" right now.

That, and I'm busy.

Always busy.

Though, who isn't?

Most of my day is spent entertaining my kids. And keeping all three of them alive, and in one piece, and un-squished, and fed, and happy, and polite, and...


And there is no end in sight.

May 1st marks the beginning of another term at school for me. May 28th marks the end of preschool for Cinderella. After that comes summer break for Prince Charming, potty training for Sleeping Beauty, a trip to Texas, a visit to Bremerton, one to Seattle, shifting of bedrooms and belongings, and back-to-school shopping.

Always, always busy.

While I'm going through my "phase," I'll leave you with a little update:

Cinderella: officially registered for kindergarten.
Sleeping Beauty: officially sleeping in a big girl bed.
The Little Prince: sick with his first head cold.
Prince Charming: wondering where he's going to have a job next year (stupid funding cut!).
Me: 10 more pounds to go.

Thanks for sticking around! You guys are the best!


  1. We all need a break sometimes! Take as long as you need, but don't forget about us.


  2. Oy, he might not have a job? I thought you had been there a couple of years if all your kids were born there...
    Yuck. I'm sorry! I don't think we have to worry about Brian's job, but I suppose you never know!

  3. Oh geez don't worry. We know you'll be back when you have more to say. Sometimes life is like that, it just overtakes any "you" time. Congrats to all your little people and their milestones. Good luck with the job situation. Our prayers are with you and I WISH I had 10 pounds to go.

  4. I think we all go through t so don;t beat yourself up, just take a breath and do one thing at a time! I think I am the opposite I blog to keep my sanity LOL Its the only thing I have thats my own that I can do with my boys around =) Ah well I enjoy them and they do grow so fast! In the meantime, glad you continued blogging and we're here waiting (no pressure) wheneva you do =) GBU!


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