Monday, April 6, 2009

Party Foul

The main reason I don't like parties in real life is the clean up. I love to entertain, cook the food, and play hostess.

I don't like dishes, or garbage, or having it all end.

That may explain the lateness of this post.

That and my cold from H-E-L-L. (Yes, my lung is still firmly in place, sadly.)

This is long overdue, and I'm very sorry, but I thought some the wonderful bloggers I met through the UBP deserved bloggy-love.

So, without further ado, I'd like give a few people a quick shout-out: Baba, Teresa, L Harris, Pam, Bookie Boo (love her blog title!), Colleen, Kati, HappyHippy Mom, Shannon, and Pamela. Check out their blogs and give them a little comment love, m'kay?

I also found these other two fabulous blogs: Vanilla Joy (if you like crafting, and giveaways) and Grace Violet (she makes crafting and sewing look SO EASY! I've actually been inspired by her to break out my sewing machine and use it for something other than mending.).

My greatest find, though, is my bloggy twin, Hillary. Not only do we share the same name (with the correct spelling), but we're also both blonds with glasses, we both scrapbook (though I'm sure she does so more than I do), and we both have babies about the same age. We're practically the same person! ;)

My party is officially over now. Clean up is almost done. Check back tomorrow for the answers and winner(s) to my party game.


  1. Hey! Thanks for the shout out!! Have a super week!!!!

  2. aww thanks for the shout out!! :)

    I'm totally with you on the party thing. I LOVE to have people over, but the mess they leave for me makes me want to be sick..haha.

    And speaking of sick, FEEL BETTER! I think the chest colds are the WORST. :(

  3. Last time I had a cold - I drank a couple margaritas and went to bed. Woke up much better. Maybe, the alcohol killed the little germs?

  4. Thanks for the shout out! That party was crazier than last year that is for sure.

  5. Eek! I still haven't closed up the whole blog party. I still need to get myself organized with the great blogs I found during the party.

    Thanks for the linky love!


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