Thursday, February 26, 2009

Three Months Ago

Three months ago today, I woke up early, kissed my girls goodbye, and went for a quiet drive with my husband.

Three months ago today, I lay in the hospital with an IV in my arm, chatting to my husband, my doctor, and my nurse. Expecting a routine induction, I was eventually told I'd most likely be facing a c-section.

Three months ago today, despite the odds being against me because of circumstances beyond my control, I finally gave birth "normally" to my son.

Three months ago today.


  1. Little pumpkin...
    Wow, three months goes by fast, huh?? Congrats!

  2. It really does. And it seems to have gone by even faster with this one.

  3. can I give him a kiss???

    I remember that day........

  4. He truly is a little prince! He's growing so fast.


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