Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I think I just made that word up. Oh well.

I have been so remiss lately! The last Bloggy Carnival has been over and done with for weeks now, and I actually made quite a haul this time! Usually I don't win anything, but this time, even entering a very small fraction of the giveaways, I won 4 things!

Well, technically I won 3, but someone didn't respond in time, so I won the fourth just this week.


I won a Wii PopStar Guitar from Mrs. oo7. Currently, I suck at this game. Of course, I might be better now that I've figured out you're supposed to hold the "guitar" in your left hand, just like the fret board on a real guitar.


I won a CoreRhythms DVD from the Hip Mama Blog. I haven't actually received this one yet. Maybe I should email her...

I won a gorgeous sling from Raspberry Baby on I'm not keeping this one, though. I'm giving it to...well, someone who's having a baby who hasn't officially announced the pregnancy yet. I'd keep it, but I already have two slings, and I want to share my love of babywearing. Besides, this one really suits the person I'm giving it to.

Lastly, I just found out I won a CozyWedge from 5 Minutes for Mom. (If you were the original winner, I'm so sorry!) I'm also giving this one to the nameless pregnant person I know. By the time Sleeping Beauty is out of the crib, The Little Prince won't need to use this. It will get more use from the newborn it's intended for.

Anyway, that's it! It was a pretty good haul, I think. Especially for the nameless pregnant person. (Enjoy!)

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