Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day On

Monday was supposed to be a day off, but ended up being a day on.

C had a dentist appointment, so I took both girls along to make an afternoon of it.

We went to the dentist, went out to lunch, and went to go paint our own pottery.

I told you she is obsessed.

And then we headed back to the dentist.

C had a cavity.  Another one.

It's such an embarrassing moment as a mom!  We take care of her teeth, she rarely gets sweets, and even more rarely gets soda.

Apparently, it just happens.


Then, it was home for 45 minutes before heading out again for an extra-long dance session for E.  Then, home again to finish making a late-for-us dinner.

Oh, and the things that didn't get done?  Baths, Cosby Show, etc. are now scheduled for tonight.

Fortunately, day on is now day over.


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